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The Original Power Cookie

Packed full of goodness, delicious and really good for pre, during or post activity. You can also spoil yourself as part of a healthy diet with The Original Power Cookie. It’s what you need when you want it. Born out of an idea to have real food whenever you need it.

Original Power Cookie

The Original Power Cookie. A true favourite and our most popular cookie. A really good alternative to sticky sports bars.

Rolled Oats,Plain Flour,Eggs,Brown Sugar,Coconut Milk,Cocoa (70%),Dried Cranberries,Goji / Wolf Berries,Chia Seeds, Butter,Electrolytes,Baking Powder,Vanilla Extract,Whey Protein, Honey, Cocoa Powder

Nutrition: Calories (193), Carbohydrates (23g), Fat (9g), Protein (5g), Sodium (18mg)  Average weight 45g


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Original Power Cookie Free

A gluten free variation of The Original Power Cookie. All the same goodness with the same delicious taste

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Original Power Cookie Pro

This is the ‘Daddy’ of the Original Power Cookies. It’s designed for when you need that little bit extra with a shot of Guarana, a pinch of Sea Salt it still has all of the Original Power Cookie ingredients. A favourite for when the going gets tough giving you that little extra zip and some more electrolytes.

Rolled Oats,Plain Flour,Eggs,Brown Sugar,Coconut Milk,Cocao (70%),Dried Cranberries,Goji / Wolf Berries,Chia Seeds, Butter,Sea Salt, Guarana, Baking Powder,Vanilla Extract,Whey Protein.Honey,Cocoa Powder

Nutrition: Calories (193), Carbohydrates (23g), Fat (9g), Protein (5g), Sodium (32mg)values per average weight of 45g.


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