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The Original Power Cookie makes its debut in the Sahara

April 2014 our sponsored athlete Al headed off to race in the Marathon des Sables. A multi day self supportive (all your kit and food is carried by each runner) footrace over 152 miles of the Sahara Desert. This race is often referred to as the Toughest Foot Race on Earth. In temperatures in excess of 48 deg C over enormous sand dunes with some of the distances each day being greater than 80 Km.

Al was meticulous in selecting the nutrition for each day. Each competitor has to carry a compulsory 2000 calories of food for each day. So it’s crucial that the right type of food is carried both for nutrition but equally as important is its weight because 6 days worth of food has to be carried be each runner!

‘The cookies worked a treat. They tasted great, weighed very little. survived the heat and days of bouncing around in my pack’. ‘Lots of other runners had got bored with eating sticky, sweet and difficult to eat sports bars and gels, I was asked several times if I would swap my cookies for a sports bar. As you can imagine there was not a chance!’

Al Pepper - Ultra Runner & Adventure Racer

For more information visit Als web Blog