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The Original Power Cookie Fuels the Spine Challenger

January 10th -12th 2015

The Montane Spine Challenger is a brutal race in the depths of winter along the Pennine Way. It is a race that is both challenging physically and mentally. The race distance is 108 miles from Edale in Derbyshire to Hawes in Yorkshire. Weather conditions  can change rapidly and present dangers of hypothermia and getting lost amongst others. Due to the nature of the race there are usually less than half of the starters make it to the finish.

As with all long races it is essential that the correct nutrition is used to meet the demands of the race and its environment. The Power Cookie Pros did the trick this time with a little extra salt and some Guarana for when the fatigue sets in.

Al went on to finish the race and is already planning a return for next year!

So far it’s got to be the toughest challenge I’ve taken on so far. There are so many variables that change throughout the race from really bad weather to constantly wet feet. Planning is crucial and getting it right first time essential. The Power Cookie Pros were brilliant. Taking on board that bit of extra electrolyte was important as even in the cold weather it was surprising how much fluid I consumed. Another bonus is the weight as in this race you are carrying a lot of kit so weight saving is an important factor.

Al Pepper - Ultra Runner

For the full story click on the cookie to visit his web blog